“Last week a woman walked down the street. We saluted her and she asked us for a coffee. She became our friend. Major Gloribel Gonzalez went to visit and pray with her. And that moment Major Gloribel asked her to receive Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior, and she gave her soul to Jesus in that moment. Praise God Almighty. And, this past Sunday she was part of our congregation. Hallelujah.”

Albuquerque Temple, NM

“The start of the new month saw a reduction in Social Services, as we always anticipate. Unfortunately illness and the death in the family of our Troops leaders meant we had to cancel Wednesday youth programs. Lt. Leah was fortunate to spend the weekend at the Territorial Women Officer's Retreat in Colorado, and a small but faithful group came to worship and enjoy potluck at the Corps. ”

Gateway, AK

“Wrangell Corps and Harbor Light Assembley of God hosted a Chicken & Chocolate fellowship dinner for the ladies of Wrangell on Sunday evening with over 150 in attendance. Major Jennifer reported that six woman gave a testimony to being saved at the Wrangell Corps through various corps ministries that were provided over the years. ”

Wrangell, AK

“This week we were able to minister to people with different situations. At our evening services, we had a gentleman who has been homeless for couple of weeks. He shared that he has been sleeping wherever the night caught him. We fed him and provided him with clothes and gave him some orientation to find a job in town. He is a welder, carpenter, and he also does construction, among many other things. We also were able to minister to one of our adherents who lost his son last Tuesday. We are helping him with the funeral arrangements and by being with him as he tries to host family and friends. Please join us in praying for the Clovis Corps. Praise God for He is good, and His mercies are forever.”

Clovis, NM

“On Sunday we offer ukulele classes a half hour before our services by our Corps Sergeant Major who is highly educated about music. Recently another gentleman who started to come to our services offered to teach keyboard and harmonica classes. We have about six children at this time, and we are hoping and praying that soon we can see more kids gathering for music classes. We thank and praise God for constantly blessing us in such a wodenrful ways. ”

Clovis, NM
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