“We Praise God for the 8 first time seekers this week. A new family who came through our family services for help came to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. They also came to church on Sunday which happened to be Youth Sunday. They were happy to see the children and teens involved in all aspects of the service. We Praise God this family was restored with hope and gained a new family of God. God us Good!”

Murrieta, CA

“Following Trinity Sunday we focused on the relationships of The Trinity and allowed the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of our congregation where 10 corps members met at the mercy seat.”

Escondido, CA

“We had an excellent service. The Southern Territorial band was here sharing their great music. Lt. Colonel Darryl Mockabee gave a great message on "David's Prayer" and how David referred to God as "My God" and we just need to turn to God and keep on eyes and heart on Jesus.”

Riverside, CA
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