“We were Blessed to have two different men both fighting addiction attend the church, pray God continue's to work in their lives. ”

Clovis, NM

“Project Hope assisted 10 families on shelter wait lists with basic needs items and advocacy”

Project Hope, AZ

“Horizon Crest has residents that continue to worship at the Palomino and Owens campuses. Some residents showcase their musical abilities on a regular basis at the citadel campus.”

Las Vegas Horizon Crest, NV

“Another spectacular week. This past Sunday we ask for a volunteer to open our time with prayer and a 6 years old stood up and pray, "Jesus thank you for bringing us here, we love you AMEN." Nothing bring joy to my heart than seeing a young soul stood amongst her friends and proclaim Jesus' love. To God be the glory...”

Farmington, NM

“We are doing great here at the corps. many members are still out of town and whatever. But we had a member who was here about 7 years ago, a senior soldier and she came back to our corps last week and now she is wearing her uniform and came Sunday. It is a blessing for us to have old time members come back to the corps. God is great.”

Tucson Temple, AZ

“Chapel this week is brought to you by the letters A and P! Major Martha Davey Led DHQ chapel using Abigail and God's provision/Plan for her life. Are we following God's plan? Do we know God's plan? Do we follow God's leading even when it seems hard?”

Southwest DHQ, AZ

“During the Junior Soldier prep class 20 youth prayed to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and declared that they wanted to live for and with Him! Sunday worship was a wonderful time as well. After great worship and healthy stars lunch, the troops experienced a real native drum circle. Each troop member got to play 2 different types of drums and an assortment of percussive instruments during the event. Our drumming "intention" was for Human Trafficking to cease! It was loud and it was fun!”

Sun Cities, AZ

“many of our members were out of town or sick today in service. We still had a wonderful service with the few that came to the corps. We are blessed to have a wonderful service. Our congregation members are considered our family members and when they are sick or not here we pray for them. That is the most amazing part about our corps family.”

Tucson Korean, AZ
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