“Three of our soldiers attended the "Count Me In" conference. At the corps, Julia Kleemann shared a visual testimony of her experiences and blessings while serving with the Service Corps in the Marshall Islands.”

Whittier, CA

“This Sunday we were Blessed to have five new people join us for our Sunday School and the Holiness Meeting. Two of these people came from our Social services, one gentleman is a Soldier who had been gone for a few year and has gifting in teaching, the other couple are the president of the local Christian Motorcycle Association with gifting in music.We are being truly Blessed in our ministry in Clovis.”

Clovis, NM

“One hundred firefighters a day keeps the fires away. This week we host the Orange County Fire Authority as they welcome their new chief. They are using our chapel as their venue to introduce the new chief to each battalion. What better way to give back to the men and women who protect us from the flames and keep us safe. What better way for over 400 men and women to see and experience the chapel with the cross front and center. ”

Tustin Ranch, CA

“We are happy to have enrolled 4 new Senior Soldiers this past Sunday. Also the process of enrolling Soldiers made some newer church attenders excited about the next opportunity to enroll soldiers again. Looks like we will starting up classes again pretty soon.”

Cheyenne, WY

“It was wonderful to see so many friends coming together for the Count Me In weekend. We were blessed to have so many in attendance, and reconnecting with each other, and Christ!”

Anaheim, CA

“Praise Lord! God continues moving powerfully in our Corps. On Tuesday, three women who attended the first time, our WM meeting for women from community received Jesus as Lord and Savior. On Sunday after Holiness meeting a homeless-drunk man came to our Corps seeking for help. We were able to pray for him, we also have provided him a hot meal a Hygiene personal kit and a blanket. Actually we have felt God's grace in his smiling face and his voice saying thanks. What a wonderful blessing!”

Santa Fe Springs, CA

“The Praise and Worship was exceptional in Santa Clarita's Sunday Celebration as many in attendance had attended Count Me In the week before including the prior Sunday. Bubbling over with testimonies, one after another stood to give God glory. The message challeged all present to accept and live in the Lordship of Jesus. At the close of this service we counted hands raised and prayed with 13 persons making a dedication and redidication of their lives to Christ. We are thrilled with Jesus at Santa Clarita.”

Santa Clarita Service Extension, CA

“This past Sunday we had the privilege to welcome a new family and to guide one of them to the Kindong of God. Dioses bueno.”

Hollywood Temple, CA

“ Priase The Lord. this month is almost over, we have had so many of our people out sick. I give thanks to our Lord Jesus that Moe is stil with us getting back to good health will be slow, she is in the Lords hands.& we give Him all the glory. ”

Bullhead City/Laughlin, NV

“What a week in ministry at Inglewood Citadel Corps, many people served in the name of Christ Jesus. We were excited with our 25 Bikes for 25 Kids program that blessed children with bikes and gave encouragement for family time. A few of our congregation made it over to the ARC Convention Count ME In and it was a blessed time for them as they were able to share stories with others in recovery. What a blessed time!”

Inglewood, CA
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