“The Las Vegas Citadel Corps was blessed to have the Living Sacrifice Brigade from the College For Officer Training join us for a week full of ministry programs and services. They were involved with youth ministries, women's ministries, social service ministries and ARC ministries. Many recommitments were made during the various services that they conducted. The cadets planted and watered many seeds this past week! May we continue to reap a good harvest as a result of their ministry! ”

Las Vegas, NV

“Act 2:47 Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved. Thanks King Jesus!”

Phoenix Central, AZ

“We rejoice as our corps people are growing, and our families are being getting strong in their relationship with the Lord and our corps family. Keeps us in your prayers.”

Phoenix Central, AZ

“We had our kids go and compete at biblebowl. My kids taught me something that I believe through just studying the word has given them more integrity then they might think. We were going to the finals but the judges did not catch a error during the game and technically we were in the finals. They came up to me (coach) after the game and asked if they could play that over because the answer was accidentally given in the question. I asked my team and on their own made the decision to go to overtime instead of taking the win and getting a chance to go to Territorial competition. I saw that God was working in them through the word they were studying and showed me that they had what it takes to be Christians. I am blessed to have taught them this year and they are looking forward to next year. ”

Tucson Korean, AZ

“We successfully launched a second Sunday School hour. This is for the people involved in praise band who miss Sunday School due to praise band practice AND in preparation of launching our new Contemporary Service aimed at young adults. ”

Albuquerque, NM

“This week was filled with excitement and opportunities as the cadets of the i-serve brigade joined in ministry at the Phoenix South Mountain Kroc Corps. The cadets led our monthly "Teens U-Night @ Kroc" meeting. With 117 in attendance, the teens were led on a journey to the cross where they surrendered things in their life to God which included the act of writing them on a piece of masking tape and putting them on the cross. ”

Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Ctr Phoenix S. Mtin, AZ

“The "I Serve" male members of the cadet brigade led DHQ chapel this week as the women were leading a United HL Rally. The Theme was Amazing Grace and Love. A fun time was had trying to come up with different tunes to sing Amazing Grace. Devotional was God's Grace and the different kinds of love we can experience in our life. Memorable quote "I love pie and I love my wife - those are two different kinds of love" By Cadet Roger McCort”

Southwest DHQ, AZ

“Since the 10th of March, every Tuesday we have senior college. At 7:30 in the morning Capt. Kihyun Oh picks everyone from the east side of Phoenix (Mesa and Scottsdale area) so that whoever wants to attend may go. At 10:00 A.M. there is worship, and a lot of people have been expressing that they are touched from the service and always get something out of it spiritually. Some activities that are provided is computer classes, golf lessons,Calligraphy as well as ukulele lessons. Ukulele lessons are a hit, everyone loves learning this instrument and love that they can sing for God during the lessons. It is great opportunity to become closer with everyone through God.”

Valley of the Sun Korean, AZ

“We had 3 ladies and 3 kids come to hear a devotion on the names of flowers and how God cares for them but even more so for us. We also had a Master Gardener help each one transplant a marigold for their room. The ladies asked questions and were inspired to plant gardens when they get into their new homes. We ended with a dirt cake treat. ”

Kaiser Emergency Shelter, AZ

“The Phoenix Citadel recognized upcoming retirement of B/M Ralph & Isobel Pearce. Both Ralph & Isobel celebrate 25 years of service. A celebration dinner was held on Friday night and the band performed a concert on Saturday night. The ARC beneficiaries raised $10,000 as volunteers ringing bells during the Christmas season. The beneficiaries were invited to an Appreciation dinner at the corps. A good time was had by all and the evening ended with a hearty game of basketball and fellowship. ”

Phoenix Citadel, AZ
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