“ Tuesday, our Christmas Tree Assistance Program was a time of fellowship, as applicants were able to give clothes, shoe sizes, and suggested gift items. Wednesday, Major Phil Smith gave an inspiring devotional at the Hospitality House Meeting. He used Matthew 13:1-23, Jesus Parable of the four soils. Major Smith encouraged the new residents to be the ones who received the seed that fell on good soil. The understanding was that they could be transformed, renewed, and empowered by their stay. Sunday was started with the importance of perserverance through hardships as a witness to our Christian life. In our Worship Meeting we discussed how confession can lead to recovery/salvation. At 4pm we had a time of fellowship/fun as Women's Ministries/Men's Fellowship along with residents of the Hospitality House had a Whiffle Ball Tornament. A festive barbecue followed the tournament.”

Santa Barbara, CA

“Another great Sunday, even with many out sick or out of town visiting relatives. When we are faithful He is faithful!”

Billings, MT

“Captains Robyn and Stephanie Bridgeo were our special gusts this past Sunday. Their daughter participated by a special worship dance presentation. God's spirit was evident in the ministry of the Corps that day.”

Whittier, CA

“God is blessing Hollywood. Alleluia. ”

Hollywood Temple, CA

“Even though our Sunday attendance was lower than it has been in some time, we were blessed by a victorious and joyful spirit. A number of folks had testimonies of God's intervention in their issues. We left rejoicing in the confidence of better things to come.”

Santa Clarita Service Extension, CA

“We had a harvest party on October 31 where many received Christ for the first time. This last week we started intakes for Christmas Assistance and we surpassed last years goal by the second day. We pray we could supply our communities needs. ”

Broomfield, CO

“With great enthusiasm we started our annual campaign, Kettles and Bell ringer's station, waiting for the best blessings of the season, which God is always in the provision of blessing. On Sunday November 23 at the end of our service of holiness; we conduct our Thanksgiving lunch, with an attendance of over 120 brothers and friends, who gleefully enjoyed delicious typical dishes of the season, not forgetting: the Thank God at all, thus reinforcing the celebration of thanksgiving and excellent message was delivered by our executive officer. Major Hector Diaz. God has shown good richly bless Santa Ana Corps. ”

Santa Ana Temple, CA

“Praise the Lord!, Our Jr Soldiers preparation class has ended. We are so happy with this wonderful group of ten candidates for their hard work during preparation time. On Saturday we were able to celebrate with them by taking a trip to In N Out Burger. They Enjoyed fellowship and they are so excited and can't wait until november 30, when they going to be officially enrolled as Corps Jr Soldiers. Glory be to God”

Santa Fe Springs, CA

“75 at CR 170 at Holiness Service 50 at Latono Ministries”

Long Beach Citadel, CA

“Last Friday we had the opportunity to host a Tea Party at our Corps. many women from our community attended this program and 37 of them accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Lt. Colonel Colleen Riley gave a devotional and interacted with the women. It was a blessing to have her take part in this event. We thank God for granting us the opportunity to share the gospel to others.”

Southeast Communities, CA
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