“It was a wonderful week in Ketchikan as VBS saw many children learn about the hope they can find in Jesus. As a result, we had three new children at the Corps on Sunday, and an opportunity to greet more of the families in our community. ”

Gateway, AK

“This week we had a truly unique Alaskan CCM mission. We received a phone call Monday morning from a family who have a cabin on our island. They were passing by on a sailboat and wanted to drop off some supplies for their cabin, as they were flying back in at the end of the week. The inlet - and access to the harbor - was favorable tide state to come in, but they would have had to wait five hours to be able to get back out, and they were due into another port that evening. We met them in the bay outside the inlet, and transferred their supplies and a small boat motor over to our boat, before they sailed on.”

Angoon, AK

“The Salvation Army had a table at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. David Kitka made homemade bread to sell. Majors Joe and Flo helped to man the table and sold the bread. Lots of contacts were made, and all of the loaves were sold!”

Sitka, AK

“Gary Jackson was Promoted to Glory during this past week. The whole community of Kake will be involved in the funeral service on Monday. On Sunday evening Major Joe lead a singspiration at the Jackson home. Jada Smith played the keyboard and Major Joe played the guitar. A potluck dinner was enjoyed following the meeting. There were 66 in attendance. ”

Kake, AK
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