“On Sunday it was huge success at the Sol Cal event. The Church member work really hard and as team. We were selling Fish Tacos with Jamaica and horchata Capri suns and water. We sold a lot of fish tacos and drinks. The Church members help in preparing the food, load up the truck, and set up at the location. They stayed until the end. I'm extremely thankful for their participation. Our girl's performance was beautiful and they work hard and practice hard. They were extremely excited. I thank my God for the blessing we received everyday.”

Southeast Communities, CA

“We had a great Home League Sunday! We had 6 first time visitors and we hope to see them again. ”

Pomona, CA

“Last summer, a girl from church invited a friend to come to camp. This invitation has made 2 new regulars at church as the girl has now been attending with her brother every week! The ministry our teens have is really showing fruit. ”

Glendale, CA

“The Lord is good and His Mercies endureth forever!! While attending NOAC in Phoenix, I shared the gospel with two homeless men who gave their hearts to the Lord! After one of our evening meetings a girl singing outside the Convention Center was singing for donations. I asked to sing Amazing Grace with her which led to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with her. She too repeated the sinners prayer and came to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. God is Good!”

Murrieta, CA

“"We are seeing a number of our corps members go through some very difficult times. Some that have fallen back into addiction, others into homelessness, and others into discouragement. It seems that the last place they want to go to is church. We've reached out to them on numerous occasions but they just don't want to see or talk with us. Please help us pray for them." ”

Santa Maria, CA

“Thank God for his great and rich blessings,amen”

East Los Angeles Temple, CA

“It is amazing to see God's grace over peoples lives. Vanessa was able to recommit her life to the Lord again. She came with a lot of stress and she left with a new hope in Christ. Praise The Lord!”

Oxnard/Port Hueneme, CA

“Our Urban Ministry has ignited a fire under our congregation. Every month about 25 corps members take home 2 homeless bags. These bags contain some food items, hygiene items and water bottles. They use them to pray and minister to homeless people in parks, on freeway on-ramps and off-ramps and wherever they might find someone in need.”

Long Beach Citadel, CA

“We had a wonderful Sunday! Major Keith spoke about the "Power of God" & how you should not be ashamed or be afraid of the gospel. Religiousness is something that you do over & over while Christianity is having a relationship with God. We need to do God's will all the time as the power of God brings us strength & the Bible is most powerful book. Our Corps is growing as the men from the ARC have been attending and they love it!”

Riverside, CA

“Glory to God ! What a wonderful Socal celebration all we enjoyed on Saturday. It was beautiful to witness so many young people through our division, praising God with their talents. Our 38 delegates returned very blessed by the great fellowship, and thankful for what God is doing with our youth in Santa Fe Springs Corps.”

Santa Fe Springs, CA
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