“This Week we have had the privilege to serve our community through Summer Day Camp. The children have been learning that Jesus is the greatest Super Hero there is! ”

Greeley, CO

“Khloe is a 5 year old little girl from Iowa a corps. They had only 12 hours to get Khloe to children's hospital in Aurora for a liver transplant that the little girl needed to continue to live. The parents, grandparents, and 2 siblings got in the car and headed here in the middle of the night. When they arrived they were told that they could not stay in the PICU and needed to leave. This is where we were able to help, we brought the family breakfast, and paid for a hotel for the family because the Ronald McDonald House had nothing available until the next day. We were able to pray with them and comfort them in this time as well. We made a few more visits after Khloe successfully made it through her liver transplant and bringing toys for her and the siblings. We were even able to provide formula for the baby sister. It has been 6 days now and in 6 more days Khloe will be able to go home and live a long healthy life. She and her family will know that God sent TSA in her time of need.”

Aurora, CO

“We had 10 for Sober project meetings on thursday night”

Butte Service Center, MT

“Our shelter service had 42 people recommit to the Lord. It was a Spirit moving service.”

Aurora, CO

“A couple wandered in from the park today (presumably homeless) and came to church for the first time in five years. Both came up forward for the offer of a special time of prayer after church and made recommitments to Jesus! We are looking forward to the days ahead and what the Holy Spirit will do next. ”

Billings, MT

“Last week a man showed up at our center in the evening thinking that he had arrived at TSA Crossroads Shelter; someone had given him the wrong address. Lt. Kelsey offered to drive him over to Crossroads. He had just arrived from Puerto Rico that day and it was his mission to get himself settled in Denver in 90 days before having his wife and young daughter join him. Lt. Kelsey invited him to church and he came. After church last Sunday he mentioned that he needed to get his license so he could start looking for a job, as did we since we are also new to Colorado. We went to the DMV together and were all successful at attaining our licenses. After the DMV, we reached out the the Denver ARC to see if they had any jobs available. They did, so he applied to be one of the drivers. We don't know what will become of his situation, but we sure are glad he got the wrong directions that day. He says he enjoys worshiping at the Red Shield and that it will be his new church home.”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“Cheyenne Frontier Days has come and the whole town is busy and so is the Cheyenne corps. During the world's largest outdoor rodeo we have 10 days of activities. The corps members are very involved with all the fun and even with our Cowbell ringing at our cowboy themed stores. ”

Cheyenne, WY

“1o for thursday night sober meeting....interviewed 15 people forbts program”

Butte Service Center, MT

“On 7/12 we met Isaac, a young adult that was enrolled as Jr. Soldier many years ago. For many reasons, Isaac stopped coming to the corps, but that Sunday Isaac showed up with a very important desire in His heart. Without knowing what Isaac was thinking, Major Robert Viquez was preaching that morning about HOLINESS. During the altar call Major invited the whole congregation to start afresh with the Lord, he said:"Are we ready to open our hearts to the Lord?" "Are we ready to be better for Jesus?" "Are we ready to be holy?" Suddenly we heard Isaac saying: "I am" Isaac said that after that Sunday his life changed. For a very long time Isaac was suffering from depression, but that day God set him free! Thanks to God's transforming power Isaac is happy and faithfully coming to the corps. The whole family is coming faithfully to the corps. His mom told us yesterday that every time she sees him smile, is a reminder that God is working in his life, she is very thankful and happy.”

West Adams, CO

“We were blessed by our Campers who attended Music Camp this past week. Our guest staff were very talented and skilled in their teachings. Lives were changed and God was glorified the entire week. ”

Camp High Peak, CO
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