“We celebrated the first week of Advent by lighting the candle of Hope for the world in God's plan for providing us a savior. In addition we also have hope in the return of Jesus again one day. We need to be prepared for when that day comes.”

Crossroads Center, CO

“We had another bell ringer show for church this Sunday. They also went to the altar to pray. We then whet to the mall where we help our annual Road Dog motorcycle toy run where over $40,000 of toys were donated to the Army. God is blessing the Billings Corps In so many ways.”

Billings, MT

“Traveling in SE Alaska is always an adventure. However, this week was a little more of an adventure than usual for three of Angoon's residents who were in Anchorage for a School Board function when the earthquake hit. Everyone was ok, but shaken. I had the opportunity to pray with one of the ladies as we traveled by ferry back to Angoon on Saturday. Just a reminder of how we are all part of each other, no matter how many miles separate us.”

Angoon, AK

“This week I brought the Word at GRM and was blessed to sit, talk and pray with 4 guys who are struggling, feeling defeated and looking to God. What a blessing to be used to speak to them and pray with them. ”

Las Cruces, NM

“3 people accepted Christ at Isaiah's Kitchen. Remember Francisco, Fabian and Mario in your prayers. However, Sunday attendance has been dropping, largely due to illnesses and family emergencies. Please keep our little Corps in prayer - we need dedicated people to help us spread the Gospel here.”

Hobbs, NM

“What a Great week of ministry! The Korean and Citadel kids did community outreach this past Sunday in "I'll Fight" day! 1st Advent Sunday we had special guests (Salvasionists) from Europe attend while they are on vacation that also brought some toys for the Angel Tree! Hope Henderson and her Family, did our candle lighting this past Sunday! Hope and her family have been coming to the Citdel for 20+ years!”

Las Vegas, NV

“We were blessed by 2 new families who attended Sunday Worship service last week. ”

Casper, WY

“At the beginning of this week, bitter cold temperatures and snow were predicted for Saturday. We prayed everyday asking the Lord to please provide good weather. JESUS answered the prayers of many. We had good weather on Saturday and 58 volunteers ring for us. Glory to GOD! As a way of participating in the "I'll Fight Day," Broomfield Corps young people rang the bell to raise money for our Red Kettle Campaign. God is always good! ”

Broomfield, CO

“Attended the annual Sheridan Community Holiday Dinner Sunday night and helped serve special needs guests their meals along with several of our corps volunteers, soldiers, and employees. It was a great turnout. This is not an Army event, but the Army has been a part of it since it's inception. This year we provided 300+ Hallmark bags, a lot of our surplus toys, and some candy. I had ample opportunity to mingle and hear people's stories. i was talking with a table of veterans and one of them pulled out the business card of Steve Staneart and explained that he was an adherent of the Grand Junction, CO corps. His name is Howard, and he is spending some time in Sheridan at a VA Recovery Center. I got his story from Steve and will follow-up to keep him connected to the Army. It was a great night. I posted photos on my Facebook. ”

Sheridan, WY

“Another full Christmas week! Our new Women's Book Club is a small but faithful group, and they have enjoyed an extra time of fellowship during this cold, dark season. We have started our Advent Series 'Twas the Night Before Christmas', using classic Christmas carols to consider the perspectives of those who were anticipating Christ's birth. Although we know many of our congregation leave for family this week, we are looking forward to celebrating with those who will be staying behind!”

Gateway, AK
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