“Our Thursday bible study group regularly share a meal with the youth vocal and arts group prior to their next activity. It is a wonderful way for the two generational groups to interact, and share life together. Please join us in prayer for our continued mission of meeting human need in His name. To 'be love' to all who attend this location. And to find creative ways to 'proclaim the testimony of God' to all in our community.”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“This week we farewelled one of our youth as his family moved to Colorado, and one of our Home League ladies who is spending the winter with family down south. Such is the nature of living in a place such as Ketchikan, travel is constant and lengthy. We are thankful when friends return home, and that we can uphold them in prayer when they are absent.”

Gateway, AK

“The Cheyenne Corps began to serve a hot lunch after Church on Sunday and invited our weekly hot lunch guests to join us for Worship and lunch every Sunday. As a result, we had two new people join our service. Praise God for His provision!”

Cheyenne, WY

“Another great Weekly DHQ Chapel with Denver Red Shield Corps Officers Lt. Grant and Mandy Hall. "In the midst of our brokenness, we need to share our story" Lt. Mandy Hall read scripture from Psalm 6 and then shared her personal testimony, we ending our time together singing "It Is Well With My Soul"”

Intermountain DHQ, CO

“We had a graduate of The Las Vegas ARC as a visitor as her family lives inBillings. She is looking forward to helping around the Corps. ”

Billings, MT

“We had an opportunity to pray with our group of volunteers who come to us every week, they were sad because One of their counselors had not showed up for work and they were concerned and sad. We were able to go in the chapel and form a circle of prayer.”

Denver Citadel, CO

“We had a family see our Worship decals on our vehicle Sunday morning. They folliwed us to church, and attended the service with us. They said they will be back next Sunday! ”

Saint George Outpost, UT

“Sarah is a mother of two teenage boys.? Five years ago, she lost custody for her boys and went into treatment for drug and alcohol addictions.? She was also diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder and started therapy. She has been working hard to regain her life since that time.? MHCD was working closely with and she regained custody of her children and was set to move into a place of her own when MHCD's funding ran out for rental assistance.? She had her kids, she had the place she just needed financial help to get started.? Luckily, she called the call center and was fast-tracked through the Housing Now process.? She was set up with her deposit and a portion of her first month's rent as well as a short-subsidized plan to ensure her stability in her new home.? She will receive case management for one year that will focus on Financial Health and we expect her to be a great success.”

Denver Metro Family Services-Housing First

“Music classes have started and the After School Program children are excited to be able to learn the drums and guitar. They look forward to the lessons each week. We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to the children.”

Aurora, CO

“We had several young families in holiness meeting today. It was wonderful to hear the sound of toddler babble and crying babies. We also have two new respective Junior Soldiers! ”

Angoon, AK
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