“It is so exciting when you see the light bulb go on and you know that you have said the right thing to make someone understand a little about GOD's love. This happened for me this week during Junior Soldiers class. We are currently working on the unit about loving GOD and loving our neighbor as ourselves. The Junior Soldiers in attendance this week consisted of 3 children that have been abandoned by their parents and are being raised by relatives, with one child who is the object of cruel bullying at school. At the end of class we were talking about loving ourselves and seeing ourselves through GOD's eyes. We talked about how they felt when they created something (an art project, or native regalia, etc) and how special it was to them because they made it. Then I equated that to how GOD feels about them. I could see each one of them sit up a little taller and a couple of shy smiles came across faces. ”

Angoon, AK

“While our HL Secretary, Nancy Bean, was restricted to bed rest, Kathy Friday led the Home League for the past two weeks. Major Flo led services this week and was able to enjoy two potlucks: one after the Sunday morning worship and one at the Jackson House in the evening.”

Kake, AK

“Saturday we handed out more than 70 food boxes to the residents of 4 senior apartment complexes. It's a delight to have conversations with so many amazing people!”

Fairbanks, AK

“We had our Vacation Bible School this past week and had an average of 30 children per day. We had 14 youth accept Jesus during VBS with 16 re-commitments. We invited the parents to attend the graduation/Musical Program called, "Star Trip-Our Faith Awakens." The youth did a great job. We had fellowship following the graduation.”

Hoonah, AK
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