“On Saturday October 19 at the young adult retreat Jacqueline renewed her vows with God at the young adult retreat. It was amazing to see a reconcilation with our Lord. We know that God is doing awesome things in the Southeast Communities Corp youth.”

Southeast Communities, CA

“We were able to share a wonderful miracle God had performed in our church family with our whole congregation. It was great affirmation of the power of God.”

Anaheim, CA

“These past two weeks "Angel Tree" was a success & we are excited about the things that will be happening during the Kettle Season.”

San Luis Obispo, CA

“ Praise to the Lord !The Holy Spirit has moved among us in a special way during our Holiness meeting on Sunday. God continues to strengthen us to share the good news of Christ to our neighborhood. Also on Sunday 40 people enjoyed God's word, worshiping and fellowship during our CCM visitation to Riviera convalescent Center in the city of Pico Rivera.”

Santa Fe Springs, CA

“Three of our soldiers attended the "Count Me In" conference. At the corps, Julia Kleemann shared a visual testimony of her experiences and blessings while serving with the Service Corps in the Marshall Islands.”

Whittier, CA

“We had a very blessed Holiness Meeting on Sunday. Two new families joined us on Sunday. We celebrated the Hispanic heritage Month with a special meeting. Captain Jose Martinez and a wonderful worship team fron San Fernando Valley Corps visited us .They brought Word of God and Special music. After meeting we were happy to share and to celebrate with all Corps member a special fellowship . Glory and honor to God”

Santa Fe Springs, CA

“When we entered the room we were strangers. When we left we were friends in the making. Last night we invited parents of our Creator's Corner Preschool to chat about what their needs were outside of the preschool and how the corps might be able to help. What came out was a need for mothers to meet together to from a women's "league" to have potlucks, share recipes, craft and do things for others. Hmmm...this sounds very familiar. Yes, a Women's Outreach group was born. The desire to have a casual Saturday worship was also presented. After hearing amazing testimonies we tried to end the meeting, but people continued to talk. God is at work here, we just have to get out of the way!”

Tustin Ranch, CA

“Horizon Crest residents continue to attend worship services Friday evenings on the Owen's Campus as well as the Citadel.”

Las Vegas Horizon Crest, NV

“While our Staff officers were at Officers Councils Tonya Sorensen led DHQ chapel. Tonya reminded us when we are anxious or worried to remember to give it all to God. Chapel became a time of prayer as we realized Tonya was having a difficult time. We all came together to pray over Tonya.”

Southwest DHQ, AZ

“The Praise and Worship was exceptional in Santa Clarita's Sunday Celebration as many in attendance had attended Count Me In the week before including the prior Sunday. Bubbling over with testimonies, one after another stood to give God glory. The message challeged all present to accept and live in the Lordship of Jesus. At the close of this service we counted hands raised and prayed with 13 persons making a dedication and redidication of their lives to Christ. We are thrilled with Jesus at Santa Clarita.”

Santa Clarita Service Extension, CA
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