“Residents are atending church services on and off campus and continue to witness change in their lives.”

Las Vegas Horizon Crest, NV

“We had a good week and encouraged all the ARC men as they attended their conference. We are excited for full programs back and running and we welcomed a new youth worker as well as REVHI students who will be with us for the next year. ”

Kauluwela Mission, HI

“ Priase The Lord. this month is almost over, we have had so many of our people out sick. I give thanks to our Lord Jesus that Moe is stil with us getting back to good health will be slow, she is in the Lords hands.& we give Him all the glory. ”

Bullhead City/Laughlin, NV

“This past Sunday we had the privilege to welcome a new family and to guide one of them to the Kindong of God. Dioses bueno.”

Hollywood Temple, CA

“God is blessing Hollywood Temple. Aleluya. ”

Hollywood Temple, CA

“Our folks had an uplifting weekend at the Count Me In ARC Convention with a number of professions of faith made.”

Bell Lighthouse, CA

“Sunday we were so happy to dedicate a child to the Lord! Her parents chose to make this commitment weeks ago, and we plan everything for yesterday to do the dedication. It was a marvelous time because of the commitment of the parents to the Lord to walk this child in God's path and also to make it public to the congregation. Later on our fellowship that we had after the Service, one of the ladies that comes with her two girls spoke to Major Jones and share that she will like to dedicate her two girls (although they are not babies anymore). Now we are planning another dedication for these two girls and her mom and will be happy to let you know how it all went!”

Compton, CA

“34 came to the altar this Sunday, 7 saved. 101 at ARC convention (we did not count them last week) 180 English Holiness Service 64 Spanish Service 64 Celebrate Recovery meeting. God is at Work at the Citadel!”

Long Beach Citadel, CA

“We are grateful to God for His continual provision.”

Salt Lake City, UT

“Three of our soldiers attended the "Count Me In" conference. At the corps, Julia Kleemann shared a visual testimony of her experiences and blessings while serving with the Service Corps in the Marshall Islands.”

Whittier, CA
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