“Many transient clients arrived to Mesquite these last few weeks and were greatful with the assistance we provided them . A fed body soothes the mind that allowed them to think clearly and move on safely to their destination. ”

Mesquite Service Center, NV

“One of our soldiers, Ben Miyasato, was elected to the Sitka Assembly for a one year term! Major Flo attended some of the Clan Conference Sessions in Sitka and several people were provided housing for twol nights at the Officers' Quarters.”

Sitka, AK

“Last Saturday the Homer Women's Outreach group met for their monthly quilting project. Besides getting a little quilting done, and of much more importance, the ladies had a very in-depth time of sharing and prayer.”

Homer, AK

“This past week my wife and I went to Officers Councils in Anchorage. While we were gone we had the soldiers do everything for the service on Sunday, including the sermon. From what I heard, everyone did an awesome job! It's good to know that when were away things are in good hands with soldiers that are capable of doing the work of the ministry.”

Fairbanks, AK
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