“Major Mark Davey led DHQ chapel this week. Ever have one of those days? Despair? Grief? Using Mark 9:14-26 to show frustration the father had over a sick son and the disciples unable to heal him. How the father pleaded to Jesus to help him with his unbelief. So we should plead with Jesus when we are frustrated and overwhelmed and He will give us hope!”

Southwest DHQ, AZ

“A young lady from the shelter came in and was again asking about youth programs and church. She has 4 children and has asked if I can pick them all up for church on Sunday. She did not attend church but we will continue to invite and encourage. Troops began their God and Country badge. The 4th & 5th graders are learning about God and Family and relating pizza making to family. All the children are having fun getting to know each other and getting closer to God. Sundays message was "Transformed for Him" and the scripture reference was Romans 12:1-8. God wants to transform us from the inside out and live our life for Him. ”

Prescott, AZ

“Our Advisory Board has been formed and we held our first meeting this week. This team of people is fired up and ready to support The Salvation Army in taking Bullhead City and Laughlin for Christ! ”

Bullhead City/Laughlin, AZ

“ This past week the Lord give us so many opportunities to be examples of His love. We started the week with the Home League ladies going into the community to do outreach ministry, they were able to pray and assist those there. During the week Major Enma was able to comfort a family in need and through that she was able to introduce Jesus as their savior to five women, later in the week Major ministered to a man who also accepted Jesus as his savior. The youth group continues to go into the community to minister and the women's programs as well.”

Tucson South, AZ

“CSM Richard Barnes, graduate and resident Manager of Denver Harbor Light, delivered his first Sunday sermon ever, this week at the Denver Lighthouse Corps”

Denver Lighthouse, CO

“We held our annual Rally Day at the park across the street from the Corps. We rented 3 inflatable for the kids to play on and barbqued hambergers and hot dogs. The teens sold soda and candy raising almost $100.00 towards youth events. We served over 200 people which included several homeless people who would not have had a meal if we were not out at the park. We made several connections with new families and hope to see their kids at our Corps Troops and Teen programs that are starting up this week. Pictures will be posted on our Corps Facebook page shortly.”

Billings, MT

“Last week we started a Singing Company. Seven kiddos showed up the first week and were very excited to bring their friends this week. Excited for what God has in store for these little ones.”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“ This week we enrolled five new junior soldiers . We had our rally day this Sunday and we invited the community to come out and celebrate with us . New families joined us from our After school program. It was a Blessing!!!”

Broomfield, CO

“10 for thursday eve sober project”

Butte Service Center, MT

“God is good, our emphasis was on human trafficking, and the value of a human life. Many people came forward as we prayed for the traffickers as well as the victims. 12 people came to the alter including a small child.”

Albuquerque, NM
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